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Ladies Making Moves - ❅❆❈New SpotLight ❈❆❅ Miss Joyce

Music is her passion and what God has blessed her to be able to do. Miss Joyce enjoys sharing the testimony of her own life and/or real life situations that others can relate too. Joyce Howard-Hemans known to many, as “Miss Joyce” is an Independent R&B/WORLD vocalist/songwriter.

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Miss Joyce explodes on Six in the City with Steve Bowers

After an appearance on Six in the City with Steve Bowers, I had a brief interview with R&B singer Miss Joyce of Jackson, TN about the Jackson Music scene, violence in the city, upcoming shows, and her album “Ambiguous Transitions.”


What is it that keeps you pushing?


First and foremost, I am a believer. I know that I must follow my calling, no matter the obstacles. My husband and the look on my children’s face when they watch my videos and say “momma you look good, we proud of you”. Last but not least the naysayers keep me going. I’ve proven my point so I like to give them something to do. (Smile)


I have heard your album and the songs on your album have great content. When we were at Six in the City Tv Show you not only captured the on lookers with your voice but also your lyrics and the content in your music. How do you come up with the content for your songs?


Thank you for those wonderful, humbling compliments of my music. It is truly appreciated. My mind is always thinking about things so there are times I may set aside times to write or I write according to what I observe in everyday life in general. I write what I find to be real and true. That should be our goal, the truth!

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Miss Joyce: R&B independent artist from Jackson, Tennessee, US (E114)

"Music is my passion and what God has blessed me to be able to do. I enjoy sharing the testimony of my own life and/or real life situations that others can relate too. I have been blessed to meet a lot of wonderful people that have showed continued support throughout my career as an Independent Artist."

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ArenaCast Episode 114

ArenaCast Episode 114

September 20 - October 3

Episode 114 of the ArenaCast features another stunning line up of musical acts from all over the globe, this time with an enjoyable twist. All of the bands are fronted by female vocalists, coming from all genres of music to produce a truly special experience not to be missed!

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# Artist Track

1. Michelle Lewis - Paris

2. Miss Joyce - Forever in Your Eyes

3. Cathy Jewson - Superman

4. Eycromon - Faith and Failure

5. Lily Shea - Tickle My Body

6. SuBDuFuZe - Disaster Queen

7. Lindsay Ullmann - My Affinity

8. A Sound of Thunder - Out of the Darkness

9. The Design - Scream

10. Lucid Fly - Alohum

Ambiguous Transition Album Review - IMS Magazine

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